01. Apocalyptic Doomsday
02. 2013
03. Work (feat. Zero Basement)
04. Bionic
05. Dr. Strangelove
06. Save You
07. The Balance
08. I Can’t Sleep
09. What’s MK Ultra?
10. The Young & The Innocent (feat. Cashmere the PRO)
11. Expose
12. Time Capsule (feat. Steph)
13. Welcome To The Future (ChewFu’s Bionic RMX)
  Рубрика: 2009 , Lossless , Mr. SOS , Usa | 1 комментарий Mr. SOS — The Pre-Op EP (2006) Flac + 320kbps Опубликовано автором maradona Добавить комментарий 01. Welcome To Planet Earth
02. As The Globe Turns
03. Time
04. The Desert (feat. Witchdoctor)
05. Nonsense Intro
06. The Nonsense
07. Don’t Know My Neighbors (feat. Chapter 13)
08. Fraud Felines aka Too Many Cats Be Fakin
09. Chillin With IceT
10. Stoned
11. Outro
12. Outlook On Life (feat. Kapital Korruption)
13. Welcome To Planet Earth (Instrumental)
14. As The Globe Turns (Instrumental)
15. The Desert (Instrumental)
16. Fraud Felines aka Too Many Cats Be Fakin (Instrumental)

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Hi friends! I'm back with a new instructable where we can control home appliances such as lamp, fan, tv, etc. wirelessly depending on the type of relay used. I've designed it using a simple RF trans. & receiv. module at 433MHz. As we all know, this module can be used as a single channel communication but i've put a set of encoder and decoder ICs to make it support four channels. Encoder-Decoder ICs are very common now a days and its basic principle is logic gates which multip … lexes multiple input channels and makes it one digital signal and then, is demultiplexed on the other side to four channels. The relay drivers used here are CL100 transistors and its equivalent is SL100. Both are same and are used here as current amplifiers for each channel. One more thing to consider here that you cannot just simply use encoder-decoder ICs b'coz as long as you'll press the button, there will be an output signal as '1' on the respective channel but when you release the button, there will be no output or '0' signal. So, for this i've used flip flop ICs for each channel; here 'CD4017'. CD4017 is a single flip flop IC, so you'll have to use four ICs for four channels. I've completed the project but i'll advice you guys to use '74HC175' which is a quad flip flop IC. It can be used instead of four 'CD4017' ICs and will pretty much reduce the congesting of wires making it more simple. The circuit diagram has been taken from and here we go... :-)

Рубрика: Lossless , Usa | Добавить комментарий Maffew Ragazino — Rhyme Pays (2011) 320kbps Опубликовано автором maradona Добавить комментарий 01. Blaxploitation (Prod. Frank Dukes)
02. St. Maffew (Prod. Vinyl Frontiers)
03. Rhyme Pays (Prod. Beewirks)
04. Black Sheep (Prod. Harry Fraud)
05. City Of God (feat. Rockie Evans & The Mad Stuntman) (Prod. Sha Banga)
06. Mama, I Got Wings (Interlude) (feat. Rockie Evans) (Prod. Qwan)
07. Lord Please (Prod. G Productions)
08. Ashes On My Block (feat. Triple OG) (Prod.)
09. Yowzers! (Prod. Vinyl Frontiers)
10. Million Dollar View (Prod. Sha Banga, .)
11. Magick Without Tears (Prod. Big Throwback)
12. Slumlord (Prod. Sebb Bash)
13. Jordan vs. Bird (feat. Action Bronson) (Prod. Digga)
14. Bridget Fonda (Prod. DJ Skizz)
15. Blue Rubies (Prod. C. Jonah)
16. Isis (Prod. DJ Clark Kent)