Miller graduated from high school in 1909, enrolled briefly in the City College of New York, then dropped out and took a clerking job at a cement company. He began an affair with Pauline Chouteau, a 37-year-old divorcee with a son named Georgie about Henry's age. They first met at the home of Pauline's friend Louise, who was paying Miller 35 cents to give piano lessons to her daughter. Pauline would stay through the lessons, and Miller would escort her to her home on Decatur Street, a few blocks from his parents' house. There they would make love. Miller moved in with her briefly, but quickly found their relationship troubling. Pauline was old enough to be his mother, and his rivalry with Georgie, who suffered from tuberculosis, for her attention and affection, tormented him with guilt. Then Pauline became pregnant, but miscarried in her seventh month. To escape his relationship with her without actually breaking it off, Miller decided to move to California to take up the life of a cowboy. Able to find work there only as a fruit picker, he returned after nine months and began serving an apprenticeship in his father's tailor shop. He also resumed his relationship with Pauline. In the winter of 1914, in the kitchen of his parents' house, Miller told his mother that he intended to marry Pauline. Louise brandished a kitchen knife at Miller, vowing to use it on him if he married Pauline. Miller was unnerved by this apparent castration threat with its incestuous undertone. No marriage plans ensued.

June returned from Europe without Jean and resumed her gold digging. She found a "patron" who offered to pay her for writing a novel, pages due weekly for his review. Miller wrote this novel, which was published after his death as Moloch . Writing it for money, with June as midwife, delivered him as a writer. In 1930, having ensnared another wealthy "admirer," June sent Miller off to Europe alone, convincing him that in Paris he would find himself, and promising to send him money. June's promise of support for Henry's European adventure, like so many of her narratives, proved fictional, but Miller found in Paris a new muse, Anäis Nin, another fabulist and fabricator who had known many men. Nin helped him give birth to his breakout novel, Tropic of Cancer .

March 27, 2017. SATAKE and ALAPALA Announces the Rebirth of Henry Simons The legendary flour milling brand “ Henry Simon” returns

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During the depression of 1893, Henry Crowell saw American Cereal’s Quaker Oats as affordable, nutritious alternative for housewives to feed their families over beef. While 15,000 other businesses went bankrupt and many others were cutting back, Henry made bold investments in advertising, putting billboards on train box cars promoting, “Quaker Oats, the World’s Breakfast,” and adding display ads to newspapers and magazines. He researched and wrote the ads himself. He pioneered the use of celebrity endorsements. He invented contests with prizes for mailing in the top of the box. Prior to this, businesses advertised and hired sales people in order to sell the grocers on why they should stock the item. Henry by-passed this and went straight to the consumer so that they would request the item to be stocked by the grocer. He turned housewives across America into his sales people.

By the time of Mitchell’s arrival, hand tools had become a minor, not particularly profitable part of the line, and most were purchased from outside sources. Oddly, however, the company’s expensive cast iron miter boxes, designed for use with a handsaw and made with purchased castings, were star money makers. Portable electric tools remained Ingersoll-Rand’s primary interest, and Mitchell re-established the Development Engineering Department to improve and refine the company’s heavy duty electric tools. At one point during his tenure, electric impact wrenches—many of them labeled for . Grainger—made up almost 20% of all sales. The operation continued making cutting tools—hand and power hacksaw blades, hole saws and spade bits. Band saw blades were bought from the . Thompson Co. and re-labeled. Jim Mitchell:

The Henry Millers Children - PosiesThe Henry Millers Children - PosiesThe Henry Millers Children - PosiesThe Henry Millers Children - Posies